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Alliance RvR BG
Alliance RvR

Group Setup

Your RvR Group Should Contain (if Possible)

2 Clerics and a Minstrel (then Fill your group however you like)

Things you Must have for Alliance BG RvR ( it's just common sense)                                                                              
1.  You must use VENTRILO - you only need to be able to listen.
2.  Long Wind 1.  This costs 1 realm point and is a MUST for our BG.  We always sprint when moving.
3.  Improved draught of invigoration - Multiple pots on all RvR toons. - You need this to be able to sprint.  Having a  pally in your group does not negate this requirement as that person may not be with you, be out of range, be dead  or go link dead.
4.  Greater Neried Potion - Multiple pots on all RvR toons.  Having a sojourner in your group does not negate this  requirement as the person may not be with you or go link dead.
5.  All the siege you can carry without being encumbered if you lose your buffs.  If you lose buffs and are glued to the  ground - you die.

Keep in Mind

A.  If you need buffs find your clerics.  Clerics CANNOT heal and move or buff and move, so in order to keep people  alive they have to stand still.
B.  CLERICS - you must get toons buffed asap, even if it's aoe buffs.  Casters require both dexes and brain and melee  types require strength, con and str/con to be of any use whatsoever.  Also always cast your resists when running  from place to place.  That way they don't generally drop during a fight.
C.  MINSTRELS - cast your water breath OFTEN.  Anytime you see water, cast it.  You may have forgotten that a person  in your group was not with the group or had died in a fight and no longer has water breath.  Don't wait for your  timer to be up before you cast water breath.
D.  ALL PLAYERS - if people in your group have died recently, don't run out and take a ton of damage.  It's very likely  your clerics are trying to buff and cure rez sickness on these players and can't do everything.
If you are watching TV, taking care of your kids, cooking dinner, picking the lint out of your belly button, or shaving  your back hair, please go and do that, disband and leave the battlegroup.  It is extremely UNFAIR to make 25 - 30  people either wait, loop or literally come back to die because you were not paying attention, don't have pots or  didn't listen to what was being said in vent. 

Alliance Rules


1. This alliance is representative of a diverse group of players. As a member of this alliance it is your duty to respect the freedom of choice that the game offers and to accept the fact that what you wish to do on any given day may be different from the wishes of another alliance member.

 2. Alliance Channel - There will be no obscenities, racial slurs, inflamatory remarks or inappropriate discussions held in the alliance chat channel

3. If you are asked to cease a discussion that someone finds offensive, cease, don't argue or name call. All such requests will be made in private tells and not in the alliance channel. If you do not comply with any GM asking you to stop, then /as privileges may be revoked.

4. The alliance channel will be used as a method of communication between guilds. If a discussion starts to become too involved or intense between just a few people, please make a chat group to continue.

5. All guilds applying to this alliance will be reviewed by the existing alliance Guild Masters. A vote will be taken and the decision to invite a guild will be made based on the vote.

Albion Avengers Alliance (AAA)
Albion Avengers Alliance
Code Of Conduct
Alliance Code of Conduct
                                                                   Albion Avengers Alliance
                                                                           Code of Conduct

 I.    Guilds interested in joining the Albion Avengers  Alliance are strongly encouraged to run events and/or group with current members of guilds in the alliance.

1. Guilds wishing to join the Albion Avengers Alliance must read and agree to all the rules and  policies in this Code of Conduct.
2. Guilds under 5 active members will not be considered.
3. All guilds invited in will be on a probationary period (see below) of 30 days. This time is used  to determine if the guild is a good fit in the alliance.

II.    Probationary Period
New guilds are subject to a probationary period of 30 days.During this probationary period  the guild is invited into the Albion Avengers Alliance.  A variety of criteria are taken into consideration for determining a good fit including but not limited to:
* Participation in game
* Participation on the site
* Guilds reputation & actions  

III.   GM Responsibilities
1. Ensure your entire guild agrees to abide by this Code Of Conduct.
2. Ensure GM’s & Officers who will represent your guild as well as the entire guild are registered on this site
3. If you cant't attend an Alliance Officers Meeting, Make sure someone from your guild attends in your place.
4. A representative from your guild should check-in to the site at least once every 3–4 days to stay updated on discussions which may affect our Alliance or your guild.  

IV.   General Alliance Rules
1. Golden rule applies at all times. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

2. Be active in the alliance.

3. Do not ask other Alliance guild's members to become members of your guild. If a guild member wants to leave to join another guild in /as, there must be an agreement between GM's that it is acceptable.
If said guild member just leaves to join another /as guild without permission from GM.
We ask the other guild to wait at least 30 days before accepting that person as a member

4. Crafting: Anyone crafting for a member of alliance:
When purchasing items from Alliance crafters, do not expect anything for free .
Do expect to at least pay for the cost of the materials required to make the item.
( This is Guild and Crafter optional, Albion Avengers does not control Crafters or their prices)
5. Have fun.

           CALL TO ARMS (It is Not Mandatory!!)

 Call To Arms (CTA) All /as guilds are asked to Particapate in a CTA . It is Not Mandatory!!

Anyone can call a CTA when our relics are threatened (Our own relic keeps are open or under attack). All alliance members in game may form a group or join a group in order to defend our relic(s). Directions will be given in vent by person or persons leading CTA. 
Anyone can call or lead a CTA does not have to be a Albion Avengers guild  member.

You must at all times consider the current situation our realm. Chat that may be appropriate during slow times is unacceptable during attempts to organize realm defenses, for instance. We will try to get a BC or CG up as soon as possible

BG leaders are to be treated with respect at all times. Differences about tactics or running of the bg should be saved for a later discussion Not during the BG
Guilds who do not follow this rule are noted and will be met with.  

V.   Alliance Chat Rules & Prohibited Language

 GM’s and Officers of each member guild are expected to enforce these /as policies.
 The rules of alliance chat are:
1. /as chat is rated PG, please do not use language in /as that is not allowed on “Prime Time ABC/NBC or CBS”. Many /as members are parents who allow their children to play and /as members are expected to respect that.
2. "Whining”, “Bragging”, “VN-ish”,l33T-ist attitudes have no place in /as chat, we want to promote a             friendly and helpful environment.
3. If asked to take a conversation to tells, just do it.  

    Alliance chat will NOT be used for:

1. Profane, religious,racial, or political comments or discussions, any comment or discussion that is likely to     incite others.
2. Sexual innuendo or remarks that are sexual in nature are prohibited.
3. Arguments of any kind will not be tolerated.
4. LFG,WTB/WTS is permitted in vent,But do not spam.
5. Begging for anything is prohibited.
    Use of any of the above mentioned language may result in your guild facing disciplinary action.

 VI.   Votes/Voting

Voting is a mandatory requirement of guilds in the Albion Avengers Alliance.Each Guild has 1 vote.

1. Votes will be put up after discussion of an issue has been in place
2. Once a majority of votes is obtained the issue is considered passed.
3. Abstain votes do not count toward the total vote; they are an acknowledgement of a vote by  your guild.
 4. If No one from you guild makes it to a meeting, your guild misses out the vote, period.
 5. Once an issue is voted on it will be carried out as quickly as possible.  

VII.       Minimum Guild Members
Guilds in the Albion Avengers Alliance must maintain a minimum of 5 active members in their guild.Failure to maintain the minimum may result in removal from the alliance. 

VIII.      Violation of Policy

This Alliance Code of Conduct is binding upon all members of all guilds which make up the Albion Avengers Alliance. 

Violations of these rules should be reported to guild and alliance leaders in game,Vent or posted in the alliance forums.
Forums located at .
Violation of any of the above stated rules could result in your guild being removed from Alliance.  
If it becomes necessary to remove a guild from the alliance due to the actions of a single player, that guild will not be accepted back into the alliance until the issue has been resolved.

Examples of violations include, but are not limited to the following.
1. Violation of chat policy.
2. Failure of a guild to maintain 5 active members.
3. GM’s unwilling to maintain control of their guildmates.
4. Failure to vote on issues. 

IX.   Alliance Officers
All GM’s of Guilds within the alliance are considered Alliance Officers, along with any others so deemed By the specific Guild's GM
X.    Ventrilo

1. Vent is a privilege of being a member of Albion Avengers.
2. Normal /as chat rules are not applicable to Ventrilo, but please be mindful of who may be in the same channel and try to keep language appropriate.
3. Members of the alliances/guilds are welcome to join.
4. Use of Vent is a Privledge, not a right. 

XI.   Last Word and Thought

* GM’s / Officer’s of each Guild are expected to participate in alliance business and should check every 3-4 days, this is where we will post alliance business.
* If you have a problem with an individual or guild in game take a screenshot if needed,and report it to your GM, officer, or Albion Avengers GM or Officer
* If you have a problem with someone in Vent, report it ASAP to a Albion Avengers officer.
* If a guild appears dead it will removed from the alliance.
 * Note: Rules are subject to change. GM's please check often for any changes.

Thank you,
Albion Avengers Alliance
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